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Well Through the Crisis!

The Klaes Management Looks Back Positively On the Year 2020

Klaes has completed the challenging year 2020 very well. During the orientation phase in the first lockdown, the right course was set and the entire Klaes team pulled together superbly. In addition to the positive overall result, Miriam Berzen (Klaes management) emphasises that many orders were won in the 2nd half of the year, which will ensure a good start in 2021. According to Lars Klaes (Klaes Management), security and trust were even more important for our customers and business partners in 2020 than before - regardless of whether it was about new customers, machine projects or the reorganisation of existing customer solutions.


It was particularly pleasing that many companies worldwide again decided in favour of our solutions, which ensured a high software share in the total turnover. There were also projects with large companies which are already being implemented or will be in 2021. Basically, the situation in the German-speaking countries was very good, but it was very different for exports. For example, while things went very well in the Czech Republic, it was extremely difficult in Spain. China is one of our biggest foreign markets, therefore the strict lockdown at the beginning of the year caused big losses. However, we were able to make up for this very well in the second half of the year. The trade fair appearances there played a great part – they were the only ones in the world – because we were allowed to carry out these trade fairs with our local Klaes China Team.


In all other countries, the missing impulses were successfully compensated digitally by trade fairs and other events. The start has already been made with the “Klaes web-fensterbau“ on the date of the cancelled fensterbau in Nuremberg. Afterwards, further target group-oriented web seminars on special Klaes topics, or also together with partners, generated a lot of interest. The last web seminar on conservatory construction with Klaes 3D and the Steinbach-system was attended by interested parties from 18 countries. But regional, "corona-compliant" events with a limited group of participants also generated increased interest. In addition, the digital possibilities for individual support were used consistently from the very beginning.

Great interest: At the Klaes web seminars, customers provide interesting information at "first hand“.
Great interest: At the Klaes web seminars, customers provide interesting information at "first hand“.


Of course, we have also benefited from the fact that the general situation has been conducive to digitisation. Our broadly positioned Product range made it possible to support customers in many areas. Starting with supplying and setting up a large number of home office workplaces, we then moved on to the consistent organisation of mobile working via the web.: Software, Server, Document management or also Telephony. No matter what was at hand - we could actively give support. But our actual solutions in the company's own cloud were also an important building block. And the customer products in addition to the classic window components also created demand: Patio roofs, cold conservatories and glass installations at Klaes 3D, house- and room doors at Klaes DoorDesigner and the integration of supplier solutions for Roller shutters, external venetian blinds, door panels and accessory articles.


In 2021, we will continue on our successful path of advancing digitalisation in the industry. This will succeed through the proven long-term cooperation with customers and business partners as well as the upcoming innovations which are interesting for all component producers and dealers - no matter how large – or small.

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