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Looking for your Dream Job? We Got It!

When a door closes, a new one opens! With us, all doors – and of course program windows – are open for you! If you are looking for a new challenge or feeling strongly about a cordial cooperation, if you like to enrich our appreciative working environment or are a real team player, then Klaes is the right place for you!

We offer you a modern workplace in the best known and most beautiful red wine growing area in Germany – depending on the task areas, we also offer the possibility of working from a homeoffice. Become part of a great, international team at the world market leader for innovative software solutions in the window-, door-, facade- and conservatory industry.



as a one-man company



in the whole world


language versions

of software solutions are available



in more than 50 countries

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Selina Jauch

Contact - personnel department

Wilhelmstraße 85-87
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (GER)
Phone: +49 2641 909 1650