Manual Klaes Version 7

Klaes Manuals

Comprehensive instructions for installing and using the software

A well-structured reference work is the alpha and omega of a comprehensive software solution - especially when things need to be made fast in the hectic daily business. We want to help our customers when they need our support. For this reason, we created a comprehensive digital service offering that it can be accessed directly via the Start Center within the software solution. We call this information pool "Klaes Online-Center". Access to the manuals via the online center is provided with just a few clicks directly via the program:

Access to all manuals via the online center:
  • Start Klaes
  • Select the menu item "Help" > "Online-Center"
  • Now click on the link under the menu item "Klaes Features"
  • In your browser a window opens
  • Select your language
  • Click on the link "To the manuals"
  • Select any manual